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Have you always wanted your family and wedding photos to look stylish and expensive? Now you have the opportunity to use all my profiles, which I've been creating, improving for years. All profiles are universal and they will help to find new color solutions for beginners and professionals alike.
What will the profiles give you?
Processing speed
With smooth shooting, the universal profile will help you to reduce the processing time of all wedding photos twice. It makes a clean and even color throughout the series, smooths the skin, reducing retouching in half.
Current color
You will learn to work with both classical color and fashionable and actual shades of the modern wedding industry.
The opportunity to earn more
Learn how to make an expensive color and stand out among the photographers of your city now!
Warm color
Pack 2
Add gold to your sunset family and wedding photos! A perfectly matched toningt shade will give your photos the warmth of the setting sun. The profilet is not universal, but it fits well to the sunset photo shoots, fits ideally to the backlight.

Stylish Classic
Pack 3
Thanks to the knowledge after watching the lesson will add gloss and style to your shots. The fashion style will allow your brides to feel like a model from the cover of VOGUE. This processing ideally fits to cloudy weather conditions, where the main color accent is the human skin tone.
New Wave
Pack 4
This style of processing is most in demand in Europe and America now. The profile is not universal
Multipurpose processing
Pack 1
Multipurpose profile will help you not only achieve a clean and expensive color, but also significantly reduce the time for subsequent photo retouching. We will talk about the ideal white and expensive green, what looks presentable and attracts wealthy customers.
Fine Art
Pack 5
The FineArt style has already conquered the whole world of wedding photography for several years. Fashionable wedding magazines, blogs and inspiration publics continue spreading photos taken in this style. Nowadays there is the peak of its demand in the world. Don't miss your chance and catch the train now.
All profiles
Pack 1-5
This package includes all profiles
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If you have problems with downloading, write to me!
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unconditional refund

  • Profile are compatible with ACR & Adobe Lightroom, Classic & CC Versions
  • The main features can be crossed or meet in between the profiles.The archive is a good that can't be exchanged or returned after paying
  • The profiles are really mine and are used according to the shooting conditions and light (white balance, exposure, saturation etc.)
  • Profiles are compatible with both Mac OS and Windows PC computers and can be easily adjusted to fit your images
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