If you are on this page, then I'm happy to congratulate you on the upcoming wedding!

I am a professional wedding photographer with 12 years experience. I'm keen on photography and I will do everything to make the history of your wedding day will be the most refined and sincere.

The geography of my travel is very wide, but at the moment I'm living and working in Cyprus.

I have already taken more than 400 weddings, and I have something to tell you about the perfect weddings
This is one of the most relaxed and leisured parts of the wedding day. The time when you can pay attention to detail and floristics. To shoot classic portraits or arrange a photoshooting in the boudoir styles. But if you decided to do the preparations with your friends, then the shooting can be quite energetic and fun.
Wedding walk
A beautiful place, elegant outfits, and loving eyes, this is all you need to get beautiful photos. A walk should not last long and weary you, because you have a very busy day ahead. It is enough one or several locations and an hour of time to get wonderful joint portraits and show the magic of the place.
wedding ceremony
It was this moment that all your relatives and friends waited for, trembling and excitement will give you way to tears of joy and applause. This is the most emotional moment of the wedding day. The moment when two families connect. It is important for me to show not only the measure and happening beauty , but also the most vivid and pure all your relatives' and friends' emotions.
Now it's time to relax a little, listen to the congratulations of your relatives, taste delicious the chef's dishes and to dance. And if the banquet is in the open air, it will also enjoy a fresh evening breeze.

If you liked my work and you want me to be a photographer at your wedding, let me know in any way convenient for you!
Jesus Taro
E-mail: jesustaro.ph@gmail.com
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